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Whole Cloves

Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree. Cloves are used for spices and medicines once the oil has been extracted.

Clove Stems

The stems of cloves that remain after removing its buds from trees. The stem of clove is also used for spices and its oil can be extracted for medicinal usage.

Cassia Vera

A spice made from the bark of the Cinnamon Aromaticum Tree. After the drying process, they curl inwards from outer edge into round sticks

Cassia KABC

Broken Cassia that is much cleaner with red and yellowish bark.

Cassia Cuttings/Irregular Cuttings

Contain mixed cassia that has different cutting sizes and some broken pieces. The sizes range from 1 cm to 8 cm in length.

Cassia KBBC

Broken Cassia that is reddish yellow, with outer bark of darker color.

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