Preserving the Goodness of Nature
Through Advanced Technology

PT Lucky Intercoco maintains a high standard for quality and hygiene. We bring the goodness of nature and enhance the flavor of your delicious creation. 

High Standarts

High manufacturing standards for the highest quality and hygiene Product quality and hygiene are at the top of our concerns as we pursue loyal customer satisfaction

Strict & Standardized Quality Control

Human control is combined with machinery to achieve optimum quality control.

Minimum Process To Maintain Nutrition

We use advanced machinery with minimum processing to keep the nutrition from being damaged.

Relentless Innovation

Relentless innovation in procurement, on-time delivery, and providing after-sales support. These are the keys to thriving in the global market and pursuing loyal, satisfied clients.

Our Activities Delivering A Good Business Through
High Quality Products For Our Customers

Create Happiness Everyday
With Delicious Product